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How to play chess 2

How the Bishop Moves and Captures

 bishop.gif (1186 bytes)
The Bishop moves diagonally any number of squares, forwards or backwards. The diagram below shows all the possible squares to which the bishop may move. Each side has two bishops; one bishop moves along the light coloured squares and the other bishop moves along the dark coloured squares.
Bishop moves
The Bishop's path can be blocked by other pieces on the chessboard. In the diagram below the Bishop now has less choice of squares to which it can move because the other White pieces block its path.
bishopd.gif (5536 bytes)
In the diagram below the White Bishop is able to capture the Rook. She does this by removing the Rook from the board and placing her Bishop in its place.
Bishop captures
This diagram shows the position after the Bishop has captured the Rook.
bishope.gif (5150 bytes)

The Queen

queen.gif (1299 bytes)
The Queen is the most powerful piece on the board. This is because it can control more squares than any other chessman. It moves straight forward or backwards and diagonally any number of squares. In the diagram the Queen can move to any of the highlighted squares.

Queen moves
However, like all of the other pieces mentioned so far, the Queen's path can be blocked by other pieces.
Queen moves
In the diagram below, the Queen may take either the Bishop or the Rook.
 Queen captures
The Queen chooses to capture the Rook!
queene.gif (5382 bytes)

The Knight

knight3.gif (1141 bytes)
The Knight moves in an L shape in any direction. We can say that it either moves two squares sideways and then one square up or down, or two squares up or down, and then one square sideways. The Knight changes the colour of the square it stands on with each move. Therefore, if it starts off on a light coloured square, when it has finished its move it will land on a dark coloured square. In the diagram the Knight can move to any of the red squares.
Knight moves
Just like a real horse, the Knight may jump over pieces. Therefore, the White Knight can move to any of the highlighted squares in the diagram below.
Knight moves
The Knight is able to jump over the pawn in its way and capture the black pawn.
Knight captures
The Knight captures the pawn.
knighte.gif (5409 bytes)

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